Vibrant City Pack (8 Mobile Presets for Lightroom App)
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The Vibrant City collection consists of moody, warm tones to help you create your dream instagram feed and to perfect your photos. These filters have orange and blue hues and will give your photos a moody, yet vibrant and epic feel! Ideal for images in urban city settings or if you're looking to give your images that moody orange tone feel.
Here's What You'll Get
8 presets exclusively for Lightroom CC App on mobile.
To begin, download the Lightroom app on your phone, which you can find on the App Store. The app is free. Once you have downloaded the Lightroom app, you will be able to use our presets on your photos.

Presets will be sent instantly via email once payment is received. 

These presets provide an amazing base for creating a beautiful photos, but, since every photo is lit & composed differently these presets will vary depending on the photo. No worries! A little tweaking goes a long way. Upon download, you will receive a training video with some of my most common tweaks for bringing out the best in these presets. 
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